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About Us

Our company, Indo Divine Spiritual Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has always made it extremely important to ensure that every client who connects with us receives only the best products from us. Since the year 1995, we have always been conscious about the particular requirements of customers and have worked incredibly hard to provide the best solutions to them as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter. All of our products, including Orange Rui Batti Kesaria, Rectangular Muslim Namaz Kit, Rectangular Eid Kit, Diwali Pooja Kit Box, and many others, have been well liked by a plenty of customers. We have earned the complete trust of customers by not only providing them highest quality products but also by treating them with respect and sincerity.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors for any business to succeed in the marketplace. In the similar manner, satisfaction of customers has always been a major concern for our company, and we take advantage of every opportunity to accomplish so. We use a range of management techniques to ensure customer satisfaction, including the following:

  • We properly analyse the particular requirements of customers and accordingly provide the most suitable solutions to them.
  • We make sure to conduct business with our customers in the most ethical manner possible.
  • We always maintain long-term relationships with our clients for future business opportunities.
  • We ensure that pricing of our products is kept in complete interest of the customers.


In a manufacturing-based company, it is essential for them to have a proper infrastructure to carry out their operations efficiently. Gladly, we are supported with a state-of-the-art infrastructure in which all our activities are performed with ease and high market demands are completed on-time. Our infrastructure has an in-house production unit where we manufacture a wide variety of products like Rectangular Muslim Namaz Kit, Diwali Pooja Kit Box, Orange Rui Batti Kesaria, Rectangular Eid Kit, etc., using high-end machinery & equipment. In our infrastructure, we also have a large warehousing facility, in which the manufactured products are stored in a secure and well-organized manner. Overall, our remarkable infrastructure has always enabled us to carry out all the operations with greatest efficiency.
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